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Honestly the greatest shows I have ever seen. One of the best albums I own! Adrian Mendoza

Went to an incredible gig last night at the Basement and became a new fan of the looped beauty of Andy Sorenson (loving the album!) just amazing!
Naureen Shah

An Australian World Class Musician who clearly wears his heart for music on his sleeve. I saw him perform live @ the jon Gomm show in Brisbane and I'm still affected by it !  Jaymes Redsell


The hardest thing to do in music is to write a truly great melody. Most of us manage one or two per lifetime. Somehow Andy Sorenson seems to be able to put at least two in every song. A great great musician 
Jon Gomm

Quality music like this`ll feed ya soul for a lifetime
Adrian Austin

Had to pull myself together when I heard Andy sing this on Tuesday. One of the most stunningly optimistic and uplifting songs I've ever heard. (Very Bright Future)
Abby Skye

‎"Freedom waits for me, calls my name, freedom waits for me over the border"... what an album. Have loved it to bits since the Thornbury Theatre show... tastier than soup Shannon Trottman 

Burning Feet! The Best Album ever made in Australia Steve Dix

Andy your shows with Jon Gomm were inspirational. Earned a fan. A great pairing at a fantastic venue...worth the 300km trip to get there!
Peter Warmington

Just listened to "Underwater Breathing." Great songs, fantastic sound, well performed! Blew me away, well done!!!
Craig Giles

I highly recommend Andy Sorenson's 'Underwater Breathing' as a soundtrack for a coastal drive!
Janine Maunder

Saw the Newcastle show, bought this album- hasn't left the car CD player since.
Dave Lewsam

Thankyou Andy for playing at Lizotte's a couple of weeks ago it made a special night for my partner and we both love your music and listen your album under water breathing every night. It has been very inspiring to both of us it touched both our hearts. You're an ARTIST.
Chloe Hough

Underwater Breathing. Brilliant!! love it...
David Lang


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